Alpaca Bowls: New Models

Heres a little snap from Alpaca Bowls instagram @alpacabowls, but we wanted to talk a little bit about these models.

Alpaca X #ekua Bowl Limited 18K Gold Edition: (reddish pink bowl with textured exterior pictured near left) Made with a "roughed" lip so your HMD #kaloud doesnt slip off, as well as one of the most unique glazes thats hit not just the hookah industry, but clay community alike.

Alpaca Matte EGY Limited 18k Gold Edition: (pictured far right) #Alpacabowls created this model to cater specially to the blonde leaf, or mixed leaf smoker, looking for a lower temp bowl; As well as the #Russian Hookah community who like lower temp bowls, with a fluffier pack of tobacco, and a strong smoke. Alongside the amazing function, its got a pretty #dope matte black look ! This one in the picture is actually wrapped in 18K gold, which is a one of one creation.

Alpaca Predator Tri-Color : (Laying down on far left) One of the most popular Alpaca Bowls Created, and definitely one our favorite bowl here at ART community. Made for all types of tobacco, but performs extra special with #TangiersHookah Tobacco.


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